by The Honeycutters

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Smith Heard The Honeycutters live and and loved it! We need more music like theirs, music that goes straight to the heart and soul! Favorite track: Marie.
Mike Shirey
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Mike Shirey I saw a suggestion by The Steel Wheels on FaceBook to check out The Honeycutters. I watched one of the YouTube videos for "Marie" and was hooked instantly. Thank You to The Steel Wheels for the suggestion, but more importantly, Thank You to The Honeycutters for making music worth listening to. Favorite track: Marie.
Rob Green
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Rob Green The Honeycutters don't build their songs or albums the exact same way as past country stars; however, they do use the same foundation: solid storytelling.
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recorded at Collapseable Studios in West Asheville, December 2008


released May 1, 2009

music and lyrics by Amanda Anne Platt
Produced by Peter James and Aaron Price
mixed by David Ferguson
Mastered at Fox Wood Mastering, Nashville Tn
Amanda Anne: vocals, rhythm guitar
Peter James: lead guitar, harmony vocals
Tal Taylor: mandolin
Ben Riva: fiddle
Matt Smith: pedal steel
Ian Harrod: bass
Mike Lott: drums



all rights reserved


The Honeycutters Asheville, North Carolina

The Honeycutters are an Asheville, NC based five piece featuring featuring the original compositions of singer and songwriter Amanda Anne Platt. Their first album, "Irene" met approving Americana audiences from coast to coast, and they are excited to release their sophomore effort, "When Bitter Met Sweet," in May of 2012. ... more


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Track Name: Better Woman
I always lose the same old bet
I say I'm through but I forget
and I smoke the same old cigarettes
because they haven't killed me yet
Same old selfish tears I cry
same old pack of lies
gettin' good at my goodbyes now I don't even have to try
I'll admit when I've been wrong
but that's the same damn song I've been singing all along
Now I've let you down again
just the way it's always been
same old iron I can't bend
since I can't remember when
different glass, the same old wine
same old trouble on my mind
keeps me lonesome all the time

And it's the same wind blowing at my back
makes it tough to keep on track
Every time we play, you deal the same old cards
I'm trying to be a better woman
trying to be a better woman baby
I'm trying to be a better woman, but you make it so damn hard

Same old place it always hurts
same old smile, same old flirt
I always say it could be worse
but that's the same old pile of dirt
All my sins I would confess
and put on my Sunday best
but that's the same old party dress and I still make the same old mess
same old me just having fun
but when all is said and done,
it seems I always burn my tongue

Track Name: Automatic
I've lied so many times
said things just to make them smile
I'd do anything to find a rhyme
Tired of winning every fight
always trying to be right
and still sleeping alone every night

I wanna be your automatic
Honey, turn me on
We'll never know how good we had it 'til it's gone
I wanna be your favorite record
the top of the stack
I promise I can make it better
Don't put me back, don't put me back

The sky was battle grey
the trees were barren and afraid
I had half a mind to let you go
but I was a child
and you were a wild thing
and there was just so much I had to know

Track Name: Irene
Last night I dreamed that we were back
down by the railroad tracks
smoking Marlboro cigarettes
we threw our shoes into the river
and our mothers called each other, wondering where the kids were
'cause they woke up and we were gone
we were running down the parkway singing some old gypsy song

Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene
I swear this world ain't as sad as the papers make it seem
and in the morning we'll all be fine
so if you're scared darling, put your little hand in mine

All the grown ups standing in the other room
they were talking about money
and what's happening on the news
but we were laughing about nothing
we were sitting in the kitchen drinking rum
and eating dandelion soup
and it was true
we didn't give a damn that we could fill an ocean with the things we never knew


I was sleeping in the back of the bar
with my head on Mama's shoulder
and my Elvis playing cards
All the old men
they were smoking and drinking
the band was playing
my daddy's singing

Track Name: Lillies
We set out in late October, moving 'cross the frozen ground
and we could see it in the stars
we knew that we were glory bound
We were looking for an answer
we were looking for a sign
we were waiting on a savior come and ease our worried minds

Darling I swear it's true, I will come back to you
in Springtime, when the lilies are in bloom
hush now and dry your eyes
you know I would not lie
I'm coming back to you when the lilies are in bloom

The general he says that it will not be very long
but the air is full of smoke and those damn red coats coming on
I dream your kisses on my eyelids, though it was so long ago
and the boys are in the fields
they're dying all alone


Last night they came while we were sleeping
Lord, they did not make a sound
I took a bullet to the breast, saw my blood spill on the ground
When the sun come I heard voices say this boy cannot be saved
so they bowed their heads in prayer, and they dug a shallow grave

Darling I've been such a fool
to think that I'd be coming back to you
to make you wait for me beneath the waning moon
Come now, stand by my side
pile the cool black stones where I lie
it's Springtime, and the lilies are in bloom

Tell our son not of my bravery but a soldier's tale of woe
for there's no glory where I've fallen
and I'm so far from my home
Track Name: Waitin' in the Morning
He was waitin' in the morning for to take you home
waitin' in the morning for to take you home
he was waitin' in the morning for to take you home
and you won't need a dollar in the place you're going
no you won't need a dollar in the place you're going
you won't even need a dollar in the place you're going

It's a long walk back
it's a long walk back
it's a long walk back to where I'm from

If I knew the secret I would tell you so
I'd tell you all the things you ain't supposed to know
yeah if I knew the secret I would tell you so
and if I could go with you I would hold your hand
I would keep you from the fire just the best I can
If I could go with you, I would hold your hand
Track Name: Firebreathing
You got no quarter for the carousel
so you hang around and listen to the barkers yell
and all the boys with whiskey going straight to hell
change jinglin' in their pockets like the ringing of a bell
But you blink your eyes just one at a time
'cause you got no business on the wild side
you can't beat the joker with a pair of nines
anyone that tells you different
just feedin' you lines

It's the fire I've been breathing
gonna be the death of me
you can lead me to the water, tell mama that her daughter's been saved
but if I fall just let me be

I've got a little fire, Lord I feel it burn
burnin' for the pretty little way things were
can't help but fall in love with all the stories I've heard
when the truth was in the telling, all you needed was the words
So you wander on down the road a-ways
to try and remember what the preacher said
to the skinny little girl with the pig tailed braids
said it so sweet, she swore she'd take it to her grave

Track Name: Mr. Cody
Cody, oh Cody don't take me away
quit your buying me roses
just let me be
surely another, much more beautiful than me
would love you madly
Cody, oh Cody I seen what you do
seen the tramps and the outlaws how they answer to you
with three strings on your fiddle,
thirteen stitches in your boots
you ain't my daddy

It's trouble that you're bringing and I've got no one to save me
Those church bells are ringing, lord, but I'm just a baby
You say you laid down your money
and you made up your mind
but no mean-hearted gambler gonna be a sweetheart of mine
oh Mr. Cody, won't you choose another for your bride?

I hear you waiting outside in your red Chevrolet
just the sound of that engine
makes me so afraid
I said the price of that ticket is more than I can pay
but you don't listen

Track Name: On My Mind
There was a time when, there was a time when I did not know you
Seems I was a child then, I was waiting for a little light to show through
The tattooed angel on my chest is fading
and I'm still waiting
with these ribbons in my hair
Well baby, that don't hardly seem fair
The glass is empty now, there's nothing waiting for me at the bottom
I always thought that I might like to sing the blues until I got 'em
I know I've been dreaming when I wake up in that easy chair
and you're not there
Well baby, that don't hardly seem fair

'Cause all I got is time
and you on my mind
you're on my mind
you're on my mind

I think I got lost dear, between the drip in the sink and the crack in the ceiling
I guess I'll just stay here, 'til we all wash away and the paint starts peeling
All I wanna hear you say is you're on your way
but I don't know where
well baby, that don't hardly seem fair
no baby, that don't hardly seem fair
Track Name: Marie
The winter is gone, it's getting warm
you're in my arms, but you're staring at the door
it's that look I seen before
after all you took, I just can't hold you anymore
from the dream you're chasing
and that's all he is
'cause you couldn't face him
and you'd never, never be his
Still he makes you feel like you're so free
but someday you'll be lonely just like me

So put on your traveling shoes Marie
'Cause there ain't a man in this whole world that could give you what you need
but Marie, don't let 'em say I didn't try
We both knew you'd go to the devil by and by

You left your beer sittin' on the table
like you left me here
so I'm just peeling back the label
now it's late and the clock ticks slow
you know I hate, I hate to let you go

Track Name: In The Money
When my baby's in the money, treats me right
when my baby's in the money treats me right
when my baby's in the money, we'll be drinking milk and honey
when my baby's in the money treats me right
But when he's broke he treats me awful mean
yeah when he's broke he treats me awful mean
When he's broke we get to fighting and we stay up half the night
when my baby's broke he treats me awful mean

He said he'd show me things I've never seen
said he'd show me things I'd never seen
but we're sitting here in Texas eating cold Chinese for breakfast
and I'm thinkin' that my baby lied to me
I know I ought to up and run away
yeah I know I oughta up and run away
but I won't get very far because my baby crashed the car
so it's right here in his arms I'm gonna stay

Grave digger dig us two holes side by side
I said grave digger dig us two holes side by side
dig us two holes side by side but when my baby dies
don't go waitin' up for me, it's not my time
Track Name: Sawdust Girl
Hold you softer than cedar
I told you, there when you need her
I'm always, always your sawdust girl
and I'll be sweeter than rosewood
you'll see, I'll love you like I should
I'm so good at being your sawdust girl

There'll be red wine and rhinestones so pretty
aglow with the lights of the city
sanded and polished so fine
but baby, don't you forget that you made me
carved me from walnut and cherry
and gave me this old heart of pine

You'll find that maybe the rain it'll sometimes
make me fickle as maple
but don't mind, I'm still your sawdust girl

Track Name: Boneyard
Drink it up, the rotting apples and the burning leaves
the day is over roll down your sleeves
you know you'll miss it when you're gone
and it's enough to have something to hold onto
hell, it's more than fair
and winter's coming but you just don't care
cause you know now it won't be long

but oh, I remember layin' in that boneyard
listening to the crickets and the passing cars
headlights flashing on the broken stones
it was us and all those fallen soldiers layin' down below
but they were dead and buried a long time ago
with all their mamas tear drops and I told you so's.

Now it's the life, getting all gussied up in Grandma's dresses
and eating Lucky Charms for breakfast
playin' poker all day long
outside, they're saving dollars just to buy more time
but we've got a pot of coffee and the joker's wild
and we've got a tape of all our favorite songs


I told myself that I was really never coming back this time
and I drove that station wagon 'bout a hundred miles
bought a souvenir and turned around
It's just as well
'cause the rain was falling faster than these broken wipers sway
and something always told me it would be this way
I never thought it would be now