Amanda Anne Platt (Live in West Asheville)

by Amanda Anne Platt

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Jake G
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Jake G As a fan out on the west coast who probably won't get a chance to see Platt or the Honeycutters any time soon, I love getting to hear a live set in an intimate setting like this. Very enjoyable album. Favorite track: Love Me Then.
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This is a live album featuring me and my guitar only. It includes nine of my original songs which have not been recorded with the Honeycutters.


released February 10, 2015

Recorded by Jon Ashley and Evan Bradford.
Mixed by Jon Ashley at Mixtown Studio.
Album art by Mary Ellen Davis.
All songs Buttons Down Publishing (ASCAP)/ Windsor Forest Publishing (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Honeycutters Asheville, North Carolina

The Honeycutters are an Asheville, NC based five piece featuring featuring the original compositions of singer and songwriter Amanda Anne Platt. Their first album, "Irene" met approving Americana audiences from coast to coast, and they are excited to release their sophomore effort, "When Bitter Met Sweet," in May of 2012. ... more


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Track Name: Firebreathing
You’ve got no quarter for the carousel
So you hang around and listen to the barkers yell
And all the boys with whiskey going straight to hell
Change jingling in their pockets like the ringing of a bell

You blink your eyes just one at a time
‘Cause you’ve got no business on the wild side
you can’t beat the joker with a pair of fives
and anyone that tells you different is just feeding you lies

It’s this fire I’ve been breathing
It’s gonna be the end of me
And you can lead me to the water
Tell Mama that her daughter’s been saved
But if I fall just let me be

I’ve got a little fire Lord I feel it burn
Burning for the pretty little way things were
I can’t help but fall in love with all the stories I heard
When the truth was in the telling and all you need were the words

So you wander on down the road a ways
Trying to remember what the preacher said
To the skinny little girl with the pig tailed braids
Said it so sweet she swore she’d take it to the grave

Track Name: For Eleanora
You were the darling
of the back alley bars and the one night stands the sweetheart of Harlem
and they’d all gather round just to hear you again
Playing mid-town Manhattan,
you still got’em all in the palm of your hand
white gardenias and satin
but you’re still hangin’ ‘round with the boys in the band

chorus #1:
What you drinking, Eleanora?
Got your eye on the top shelf?
Hell, I’ll do what I can for you
but you should learn to help yourself

Now they’re sick of your drama
so you’re working for your ticket home
and you just miss your mama
yeah you just want someone you can call your own
What you need is a good man
someone to take care of you
cause you don’t give a goddamn
you earned what you’ve got now it’s yours to lose

chorus #2:
Where’d you get that shiner, Eleanora? Is he hitting you again?
Don’t you know everyone adores you, can’t you find a better man?

They took all your money
your jewelry and your fancy clothes
they called you a junkie,
and they came just to hear you miss a note
Track Name: Back Row
I was sitting in the church, you were yelling in the street
blood on your shirt and gravel in your knees
I was alone, and you were afraid
you thought they couldn't give you what you need

I told you once that the truth is a song
maybe I'm wrong
maybe I just want to write it
but I've been so close I could smell her breath
like cinnamon and death
made me wonder what I'm fighting

I've seen you in the back row
yeah I've seen you in the back row
I've seen you with your eyes closed at the all night show cause you think that you can't go home
I know you don't believe me
it's not late to wash your hands clean
I've seen you in your shirt sleeves with a beer on your knee when the can sweats a circle on your jeans

There was a time I knew every face
now the whole damn town is painted black and grey
that don't have to mean it was a fall from grace
but there are choices, choices must be made

I've seen you in the back row
yeah I've seen you in the back row
I've seen you breathing real slow when you just hope only God knows where you've been
and I've seen you on the highway
thinking all the things you'd never say
and praying to the debt you can't pay
give me one more day, give me one more day
Track Name: Dora Lee
Dora Dora, Dora Lee
she married that fool Justice, she would not wait for me
and when the good lord received her she was 23
it's a hard road leads us home Dora Lee

Dora Dora, I once called you mine
but I did not see fit to marry on the back of one thin dime
you gave me your promise but you would not give me time
Dora you would not give me time

Oh Dora Lee
how could you ever be so mean?
How could you ever lie to me?
How could you dare to let me dream?
Why can't you see,
I would have kept you like a queen?
I saved my silver up for weeks to buy you those glass beads
to wear around your pretty throat
May the good lord save your soul

Dora Dora, Dora Lee
they did not hear me coming, that Justice boy and she
and the devil cast his shadow beneath that apple tree
it's a hard road leads us home Dora Lee


Now as I lay me down to sleep
I know I am a sinner, I shall not be received
but I swear I close my eyes and I hear her crying out to me
well let the innocent be saved Dora Lee
Track Name: Love Me Then
If I were a waitress in an all night truck stop diner
and you were a police man, stopped in for a slice of pie
would it be easier, easier to love me then?
And if I were a bluebird, singing on a branch
and you were a leaf on a tree with Autumn coming fast
would it be easier, would it be easier to love me then?

Love me then
while there's warmth left in our bodies love me
and don't pretend you don't feel me when I'm reaching for your hand
if you could love me then
turn around
love me now

If I were sixteen again, a silly small town girl
and you were just a school boy with mustard on his shirt
would it be easier, easier to love me then?
And if I were lonely and I cried out to you
and you knew I want you only
and you had nothing to lose
would it be easier to love me then?


If I were sixteen again and I'd never been hurt
and you were just a schoolboy and you didn't know this world
would it be easier to love me then?
Track Name: Radio
When you look at the old photographs
you can see the fear in his eyes
cause he knows he don't deserve her
even though he'd never hurt her it won't last
she's still thinking 'bout the joker
that ran away and left her with this poker face
and the picture's faded grey like so many lonely days with all the good times past

now she's driving backwards
back through fireflies and ashes
she's so close to what she's after
it gets caught in her eye lashes

and there's an old song playing on the radio
it's playing soft and low
takes her memory where it wants to go
it took 18 years of drinking, thinking
Baby is this really how it ought to be?
Somehow this feeling just gets lost on me
can't you see I'm dying for this fever dream?

She's tired of writing unsent letters
saying, Sundays ain't so bad anymore
and it's only every now and then I wonder what the hell I'm waiting for
and every winter turns to Spring
and he knows she'd still give anything to be sitting on her darling's knee
knowing he was hers to keep

now she's driving backwards…

and there's an old song playing on the radio
it's playing soft and low
takes her memory where it wants to go
it took 18 years of wanting him, a full moon and an old blue Cadillac
to bring her back, to bring her back
Track Name: Barefoot Waltz
The lamplight is low, the tiles are cold on my feet
a train whistle blows, a car passes by in the street
and I'll let you lead
take my hand to your shoulder
hold onto me, it's almost October
and the only thing I want to do
is dance in my bare feet with you

Maybe I'm lonely and maybe it's wrong
but I feel so beautiful here in your arms
it's late and I'm tired of playing the fool but you ask me one dance
and I can't refuse it it's true
I love waltzing in bare feet with you

The clock ticks the rhythm, the fridge hums along
hush Darling, now listen, they're playing our song
the moon shines his lonely light over the city
but here in the kitchen it's warm and it's pretty and blue
and it's a quarter past two
and I'm waltzing in bare feet with you
Track Name: Angeline
Angeline, Angeline
your heart is like a diamond mine
nobody's gonna see you shine
until you leave that man behind
I know you think you need his love
but that's not what you're wanting of
and crawling's only good enough
until you learn how to stand up

Oh Angeline, I know you're doubting
and you're looking for a way to get around it
but the arms that carried you are tired
and you're gonna fall if you don't fly

So paint the walls of this old house
let the sun shine in, let the bad times out
everything you dreamed about
is gonna come so easy now
take a look at all you have,
the little scar on your right hand
you got your daddy's eyes and your mama's laugh
and you could do much worse than that

Track Name: More Than You See
I have a key chain that you gave me on my birthday
but it's broken so I keep it in a drawer
with half a million other things I can't seem to throw away
though I can't remember what I'll ever want them for

I fall in love a dozen times from here to Texas
the road is empty, the night is long
I fall so hard, but mostly I'm just guessing
is it the man or the song

Cause I'm still trying to make you look at me
I'm standing in the shadow of a falling tree
and I try so hard, but it don't come naturally
to believe
you get more than you see

I went to school to learn how other people see things
so I can think before I open my mouth
and I can say when I've made a mistake
I can say it in three languages now

But I'm still trying to make you look at me
standing in the hallway in my bare feet
I try so hard, but it don't come naturally to believe
you get more than you see
Track Name: Rainier's Lullabye
Close your eyes, there'll be another night
to sit on Daddy's knee and swear that you're not tired
Go to sleep now Baby, we'll be right here waiting
to love you when the sun comes turning on the light

and hear the water running through the pipes
the whispers in the kitchen
the dishes washed and dried
the neighbor's radio is humming lullabies
and the crickets in the window keeping time

and you should know that dreams come true
there's a star up there that's shining just for you
this old world can be unfair and make you blue
but in the morning we are new
Track Name: Letter From The Road
I left home to run just like my grandfather done
seeking fortune or the lord, whichever found me first
and my freedom I hold dear but as the years go by it's clear
that which is your blessing may also be your curse

cause I been away from you
learning a gambler's blues
wearing a rich man's shoes and a hangman's noose around my neck
if I could give it back
the paper money and the Cadillac
and pick up the dreams we had
would you be glad to see me again?
I wrote this letter from the road
but I swear it's never gonna be my home
Oh Carolina, bless my soul

I dreamed a highway made of glass
it was crooked it was fast
best that I could see it had no start
when I woke the dream was gone
and the night was deep and long
and all that I had left
was an aching in my heart

Oh Caroline, don't let me go
Track Name: Barmaid's Blues
That's alright Joe, don't you cry no
let me pour you another glass of beer
sure the bar's closed, but by now you oughta know
if you've got nowhere to go you can stay here

and we can talk about the better days when you always had a card to play
and the piano and the poker games, they carried us away
that outlaw Jesse James
he was known to keep a spare ace
and he shot this place full of holes but he sure could tell a joke

Now all of the gunslingers got rings on their fingers
and they got the barroom girls home ironing their shirts
and I've got a feeling like I'm waiting on the last train home
it's been a little slow
but it's coming I know

Do you remember that oil man?
I probably should have married him
he always had an honest dime to spend
but he couldn't dance
and I was never one to compromise
I've always been the stubborn kind
so when he rode out of town, I just laughed

and how the whiskey burned
and how the men did flirt
like the ponies tied outside
pawing at the dirt
I broke the years down, I turned 'em into days
and one by one I danced 'em all away


Now I serve' em what they ask for
they got the money I'll give something more
it still says welcome on the front door
we keep that old piano tuned
but when it's time to close
it's just you and me Joe
and the ghost of something great here in this room

Track Name: Beside Me
We can't go back again
to the clearing by the river's edge
a love we knew before the summer's end
it was yours and mine

when the whole world it seemed
was just a story that you read to me
a cup of coffee and a memory
of a different time

now there's a melody
it's kinda quiet but it sings to me
I think a hear a little harmony
but I don't dare

and you when the road gets rough are you beside me?
when it's not like I planned is that your hand that's reaching out to guide me?

it's still so strange to me
that we can't talk about the things we see
the people walking down the street
and the empty chairs

now all we need's a little morning light
play guitar while the bacon's frying
to remind us of a better time
when our feet were bare

now won't you look at me
one more time before you go to sleep
and when you're far away and in a dream
maybe I'll be there

and when the night grows dark I'll be beside you
when it's not like you planned reach for my hand
and I'll be there to guide you

we can't go back again
to the clearing by the river bend
a love we knew before the summer's end
it was yours and mine