When Bitter Met Sweet

by The Honeycutters

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Recorded at Echo Mt Studio in Asheville, NC, April 2011
Fan funded through Kickstarter!!!!


released May 1, 2012

Amanda Anne Platt...vocals, rhythm guitar
Peter James...lead and rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Tal Taylor...mandolin
Matt Smith...pedal steel and dobro
Nicky Sanders...fiddle
Mark Platt...harmonica
Je Widenhouse...coronet on track #9
Ian Harrod...bass
Mike Rhodes...drums
Richard Foulk...drums on track #8

Jon Ashley...drums on track #3

shakers, tambourines and stuff provided by Pete James and Jon Ashley

Recorded at Echo Mt Studios, Asheville NC
Produced by Peter James and Amanda Anne Platt
Assistant Producer Aaron Price
Engineered by Jon Ashley
Assistant Engineer Julian Dreyer
Mixed by John Keane at Echo Mountain Studios, track #8 mixed at John Keane Studios, Athens GA
Additional mixing by Jon Ashley at Echo Mountain
Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering in Charlotte, NC

Cover Art original drawing by Amanda Anne Platt
Album design by Pawprint Design

Music and lyrics by Amanda Anne Platt
Buttons Down Publishing (ASCAP)
copyright amanda anne platt 2011



all rights reserved


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The Honeycutters Asheville, North Carolina

The Honeycutters are an Asheville, NC based five piece featuring featuring the original compositions of singer and songwriter Amanda Anne Platt. Their first album, "Irene" met approving Americana audiences from coast to coast, and they are excited to release their sophomore effort, "When Bitter Met Sweet," in May of 2012. ... more


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Track Name: Penny
All the boys on the corner just standin’ round
say here comes Penny in her ’88 Royale
What’s she doing now?
She’s the queen of their hearts she’s the talk of the town
she’s got rattle snake boots, don’t let nothing slow her down
or turn her around
Oh, Penny don’t let no one turn her down
She don’t sugar coat it, she don’t tell lies
she gets what she wants, all she gotta do is smile
and they all get in line
She turns the fools into saints, the saints into fools
she can shoot her whiskey, plays a real mean game of pool
All the boys get schooled
Oh, Penny, they all wanna lose to you
She ain’t pretty but she got what it takes
Her eyes don’t water, her heart don’t break
Sister don’t like her, calls her a tramp
but she’s just jealous cause she can’t get what Penny can
and she don’t understand
I don’t want money I don’t want love
just wanna be like Penny when I grow up
She’s just like the birds on the telephone wire
if she don’t like it all she gotta do is fly
and she don’t say why
Oh, Penny, what’s it like to be so justified?
She ain’t pretty but she got what it takes
her eyes don’t water, her heart don’t break
Mama don’t like her, she calls her a tramp
but she’s just worried cause she can’t see what I can
and she don’t understand
I don’t want money I don’t want love
Just wanna be like Penny when I grow up
smoke Pall Malls and talk real tough
drink white liquor and never get drunk
be just like her when I grow up
Just like Penny when I grow up
Track Name: Somewhere Between
Looks like another early night in Carolina
I’ve got a movie, black and white, and a bottle of red wine
If I answered, if you called me, I would say I’m doing fine
and I’d like to think we’d both know I was lying
Cause when I close my eyes I’m sitting there in Brooklyn
spilling hot soup on the tiles of my brother’s kitchen floor
and if I find myself tonight, I swear it’s not cause I was looking
If I haven’t shown up yet, what am I good for?
But somewhere between Michigan and Texas,
I do believe that I’ll be new again
and no matter where I go I feel my fickle heart forgetting
She’d make a home out of anywhere I’ve been
I bought myself a brand new pair of blue jeans
‘cause I’m tired of being righteous, playing every game for keeps
most of all I’m tired of riding shot gun in my dreams
and I just want something simple, something clean
Somewhere between Delaware and Georgia
I made trouble, and I learned to call it a friend
Now I’m promised, but I promise, if you’d just lend me a quarter
I would call you up and call you home again
Track Name: 90 Miles (The Tennessee Song)
90 Miles from Nashville, on the Memphis side
the river’s filling up and the trucks are blind
They say it don’t come easy, so I’m not surprised to find
you don’t get much for putting in your time
Honey, you’re the rock, so I play the star
but I’m nothing if nothing’s what they see
so you can build me up or you can break my heart
and my father’s child is all I’ll ever be
Baby when the tide rolls in, I’ll be leaving on that morning train
you won’t even know I wrote this song for you
All across the state of Tennessee, I can hear you calling me
but my hands are tied and there’s nothing I can do
They teach you not to bite
on the hand that feeds,
but when you’re starving, Lord, sometimes you just don’t know
If the hand is soft, and the eyes are sweet
and they say a ring means nothing on the road
Track Name: Getting Good At Waiting
It’s a new day all around, there are flowers where the rain fell down
when I wake up, I remember what I like about this town
I take my coffee on the back porch
I take the plastic off the windows and the front doors
Winter’s arms begin to melt and they can’t hold me anymore
Cause you just can’t stop the sun
and when the time is right the night will come
A storm rolls in and turns the sky to black
but I’m getting good at waiting on the clouds to pass
I take some time to count my blessings
a car that drives and some hand me down dresses
and I thank my stars that I’m alive
cause you know some days I forget
but you just can’t stop the sun
when the time is right the night will come
a storm rolls in and turns the sky to black
but I’m getting good at waiting on the clouds to pass
I’m still a little rusty when I smile
but my bleeding heart’s bled dry, there’s nothing left to do but feel all right
so leave the windows open wide, the air is so alive tonight
even the city noise outside is sounding like an angel choir
Track Name: When Bitter Met Sweet
Did he ask about me?
Did he ask if I’ve been writing?
and did you tell him we’ve been fighting?
Did he say that that’s too bad?
Could you see it in his eyes?
He still holds a candle for me
I know you think I’ve gotten boring
But I could always make him laugh
I don’t know the answer
I didn’t even hear the question
You see I ain't been payin attention
I was thinking bout the way it used to be
When all our bills were paid
and you’d say Honey, let’s sleep late
and we’d laugh at all the cars out in the street
and we drank too much
but we were so in love
Let’s not forget just how it went
when Bitter met Sweet
I don’t know why I keep rewinding
when the movie always ends the same
Bogie always puts her on a plane
and Rhett don’t give a damn
I hope it’s good love that you’re finding
and you know I can’t blame you
'Cause I bit the apple too, caught the sinner’s blues
but baby, it was pure
When all our bills were paid
and you’d say Honey, let’s sleep late
and we’d laugh at all the cars out in the street
and we drank too much
but we were so in love
let’s not forget just how it went when Bitter met Sweet
let’s not forget, that’s how it went
when Bitter met Sweet
Track Name: Mother's Favorite Son
Looks like your game, but you’re not laughing
well honey, that’s why it’s called cheating
just take a look at who you’re playing with
and take a look at who you’re beating
I know you don’t like to admit it
but you don’t know what you do it for
He used to be some kind of hero down at Lena’s
now he don’t go there anymore
So look at what you’ve done
I guess you’re not so kind as he’s been telling everyone
Look at what you’ve done
to his mother’s favorite son
Now you pretend like you don’t know him
when you see him on the street
and I guess you really showed him
cause he smokes three packs a day
and he don’t sleep,
and he don’t eat
Track Name: Josephine
Little one I know, I was blind to let you go
after all I’m just another, not a saint
I got tired of trying
and baby it’s just not your time
but I hope that you’ll come back to me some day
Oh Josephine, take pity on me
There’s sleep in my eyes, I’m dead on my feet
Please believe, I’ve given all that I can give
Oh Josephine, take pity on me
When a dream comes true, suddenly you got something to lose
worried blues and debts to pay
so you drink hard liquor, try to make your skin grow thicker
but you’re praying to be broken every day
Oh Josephine...
When I close my eyes to sleep I see your smiling face
and every time you leave it gets harder to stay
it gets harder to keep turning you away
Track Name: All I Got
I couldn’t sleep in the summer heat
so I went for a drive
and I wound up in some diner, down a ways on 25
pretended that I did not live here, I was just a stranger passing through
just another face with out of state plates and a smokey old motel room
Cause it’s a shame to regret what you have not done
to know that you had no good reason to run
still there ain’t no shame in being young
and you’ll learn to love what you can’t escape
like the wax on top of the birthday cake
and the way that leaving always makes you want to stay
If I gave a little, would you give a little?
Or would you take all that I got?
and if you had a little, would you save a little piece?
I don’t need an awful lot
Every night when I lay me down to bed
I pray to the lord not to strike me dead
before I get back to those ones I don’t want to forget
Cause I don’t have the patience for anyone new
it’s the worn out places where the light shines through
and if I’m gonna be lonely I’d rather be lonely with you
Track Name: For Eleanora
You were the darling of the back alley bars and the one night stands
the sweetheart of Harlem, and they’d all gather round just to hear you again
Playin’ midtown Manhattan, you still got’em all in the palm of your hand
white gardenias and satin, but you’re still hangin’ round with the boys in the band
Whatcha drinking, Eleanora?
Got you’re eye on the top shelf?
hell, I’ll do what I can for you, but you should learn to help yourself
They’re sick of your drama, so you’re working for your ticket home
and you just miss your mama, you just want someone you can call your own
What you need is a good man, someone to take care of you
cause you don’t give a goddamn, you earned what you got now it’s yours to lose
But where’d you get that shiner, Eleanora?
Is he hitting you again?
Don’t you know everyone adores you?
Can’t you find a better man?
They took all your money
you’re jewelry and your fancy clothes
and they called you a junkie, came just to hear you miss a note
Track Name: Fancy Car
What a fancy car you ride in when you go
when you go winding down the mountain, nice and slow
So shoot your whiskey straight and drink your coffee black
cause you know baby when you go, you ain’t ever coming back
When I was a young girl, my daddy said to me
he said listen to me sugar, you let those bad men be
Oh but me and all those bad men, we get along so swimmingly
So shoot your whiskey straight and drink your coffee black
cause you know baby when you go, you ain’t ever coming back
A girl could cause some trouble in this town
and once you get me going, you ain’t gonna slow me down...
Track Name: Not Over Yet
I used to be a little girl
in the back seat of the car, wearing hand me down tee shirts
Stan Rogers on the tape deck, and I knew all the words
Every day we fought the good fight
and every day was glory
and sure enough the sun would come and rise up every morning
and everything I ever knew, I learned from bed time stories
I used to miss you all the time
now mostly I just miss when it was all so cut and dry
So don’t be afraid to ask me to stay
that’s OK, go ahead and light another cigarette
it might be ending, but it ain’t over yet
I never felt so fearless as I did today
when the rain clouds started lifting and the Southern sky was pink and gray
I stood outside and shivered, until they took it all away
'Cause When you go all that you’ll leave me
is your laugh
and a postcard from somewhere across the tracks
if you underground, I know you ain't coming back
So don’t be afraid to ask me to stay
that’s OK go on and light another cigarette
it might be over
but let’s not go home yet